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Backing up the Home

The state-of-the-art modern 21st century home isn’t what we envisioned decades ago when we started fantasizing about it, but it has come pretty close. The spaceship-like abode of the future never appeared, although many of the internal gadgets have. You can virtually run your home from your phone if you want to. What a boon to busy people who are often away.

Thermostats can be regulated and temperatures controlled; the fireplace gas log can go off or on. The coffeemaker is timed just right for the morning ritual and the toaster browns your favorite bread just right. The freezer will never go on the fritz and the lights will never go out, unless it is desired. Your bath water is perfect, heated by solar panels on the roof. It is a marvel of modern living all done electronically. But it does depend on power, whatever the source.

Built into such homes are standby backup generators like these so nothing can miss a beat. In the worst storm, your heating will be intact and in hot summer blazes, your AC will function. Your security system will not go on the blink during any power surge. Gone are the days when you have to activate the thing yourself, not to mention go out to the garage and uncovering it under layers of tarp. You can stay within the comforts of your home during all seasons of the year, knowing that it will take care of any plight.

A generator is a machine that produces electricity that can power appliances to a total home depending upon its size. The old ones were simple motors; the new ones are computerized. Basically it does not so much create energy as convert it from another source. A generator forces the movement of electric charges present in the wire of its winding through an external electric circuit. It is like a water pump which causes water to flow, while it is not actually creating the liquid itself.

A generator’s role is more or less the same: to provide power during outages or as an additional energy source where no other is available. As such they work on fuel such as gas, and batteries (for the start function). People think of them for camping and outdoor activities, for example to provide lights at a concert in the park. They can power your computer, radio, hair dryer, microwave, and more.

When used for a home as a built-in appliance in its own right, a generator is part of your total energy system. It is part of one’s backup system as well to be used in case of emergency. Every homeowner should give this requirement serious thought. You never know when lightening will literally strike and put your electrical power out of commission.

Having a generator in your home for lightening, cooking, air conditioning, and the like is to be prepared. It can be used at a moment’s notice. Lost power need not be a catastrophe requiring a myriad of candles and a few flashlights. There is almost no transition when it is installed correctly.

A caveat is that a professional will have to put this device in place. Don’t try to do it on your own as you can seriously damage your generator, and they are rather expensive as you might know. Treat it right and it will work hard for you and your family. Plus, if you have a contractor do the work, you will no doubt have the device covered under warranty. You will also know that all safety measures have been taken.

A good generator can last the lifetime of a home, or at least a very long stay. If you invest properly in the right unit, you will do everyone a service. Think of a family member stuck at home in the dark or an elderly person without heat. Deaths occur during bad weather, both hot and cold, implying that power is the preserver of life.

Portable generators can cause thousands of dollars and so can a large one that will run your home in a pinch. It pays to learn about different systems to evaluate what your contractor is presenting. You will want an easy-to-use control panel with a clearly marked start and shut down buttons. Buying a known brand at a fair price will put you in good stead if adversity rears its ugly head. Your life will not be disrupted in the event of an outage. Owning a generator is to have the ultimate peace of mind.